True Blood: Waiting Sucks Ciip

True Blood: Waiting Sucks Ciip

True Blood “waiting sucks” clip posted on HBO’s official website for their vampire drama “True Blood”, which premieres June 26. In a previous clip Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhous was tied up, a shirtless Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), and Sam Trammell with the first appearance of Janina Gavankar as Luna. The following footage brings us back to Terry’s (Todd Lowe) subplot, where we learn it’s not his baby in what else…. blood writing on the wall.

"The scruffy short-order cook at Merlotte’s brought a lot more home from his tour in Iraq than just a sand-filled duffel. Some days his PTSD acts up so bad he can barely hold a spatula. His cousin Andy used to help keep him grounded, but ever since dead bodies became a staple in Bon Temps, the detective’s soothing influence has evaporated."

True Blood: Waiting Sucks Ciip


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