Director Tobe Hooper talks Real Djinns

Director Tobe Hooper talks Real Djinns

Tobe Hooper of Poltergeist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre does not do a lot of interviews, but his next project, Djinn, which is currently lensing in United Arab Emirates was the subject of interest.

"It’s the best screenplay that I’ve read in many years, and it was much more of what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s more of a metaphysical thriller, laced with extremely good characters."

The story follows a young Emirati couple who return home from the U.S. to discover that their new apartment in a luxury high-rise built on the site of an abandoned fishing village is also home to the malevolent beings known as "djinn."

"It’s been illuminating. Believe me, it’s more than folklore," Hooper continues. "I started with the internet, and I started with Google Earth, getting as much information as possible. Then, the preparation came around and I started visiting places. I started talking to a lot of people, both within the production and outside of it. I’ll be shooting on an ancient territory, a place that’s basically in ruins because the djinn had moved the human beings out."

Director Tobe Hooper talks Real Djinns


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