Natassia Malthe in BloodRayne

Natassia Malthe in BloodRayne

Blood World Sales is now in pre-production on BloodRayne IV and will begin shooting in early 2012 for home video release in fall 2012. Natassia Malthe will be returning as the hero after starring in both sequels, BloodRayne: Deliverence and BloodRayne: The Third Reich.

The BloodRayne movies are based on the popular video games. The first horror film flopped horribly at the box office in 2006 with only $3.6 million worldwide. Kristanna Loken played the original Dhampir, half-human and half-vampire offspring of a noble vampire.

Below we have a hot pic of Natassia Malthe, sales art for BloodRayne IV and Kristianna Loken.

Natassia Malthe Bloodrayne

bloodrayne 4

Kristanna Loken

Natassia Malthe in BloodRayne

BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2011)

Synopsis: Rayne fights against the Nazis in Europe during World War II, encountering Ekart Brand, a Nazi leader...
Cast: Michael Paré, Natassia Malthe, Brendan Fletcher, Clint Howard, Adolf Hitler, Steffen Mennekes, Natalie Burn, Fabrice Colson, Nik Goldman, Willam Belli, Annett Culp, Arved Birnbaum, Safiya Kaygin, Vili Matula, Boris Bakal, Davorka Tovilo, Dora Lipovcan, Katarina Brozincevic, Luka Peros, Goran Manic, Boris Balta, Dino Skare, Frank Raffel, Marco Dovsek, Branka Prislic, Slavika Kosca-Vrlazi, Petar Bencic, Sven Jakir, Dusan Bucan, Damir Poljicak
Directors: Uwe Boll
Genres: Horror, Action, Fantasy, Adventure
AKA(s): BloodRayne 3: Warhammer
Year: 2011
Runtime: 79
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Michael Nachoff
Producers: Sandra Basso, Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke, Wolfgang Herold, Michael Roesch, Peter Scheerer, Jonathan Shore
Musicians: Jessica de Rooij
Editors: Charles Ladmiral

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