American Horror Story Season 2 Details

American Horror Story Season 2 Details
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American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that season 2 will take place on the East Coast in a classic horror institution. New time period, new location, some returning cast members and all good news.

Yesterday Ryan Murphy revealed, "[Season 2] is set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica [Lange]."

Now that the location has been revealed now we need to know what in what time does it take place. Murphy dropped, "It’s a completely different world and has nothing to do with Season 1; there’s not a mention of Season 1. The second season is set in a completely different time period."

From the original American Horror Story Season 1, Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Lizzie Brochere will be returning to their cast roles. Adam Levine, voice of The Voice, has also been confirmed to join the cast. More returning cast members are possible but not confirmed.

"The idea is to work with actors that you love and are excited by. The second season, everybody who was announced, there will be other people up on this stage who are not announced who will also be in it but are playing the polar opposite of what they were in the first season in every way."

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American Horror Story Season 2 Details