Dark Feed Poster

Dark Feed Poster

Shawn Rasmussen and Michael Rasmussen scripted horror movies like John Carpenter’s The Ward. Their new horror film Dark Feed in which they are the directors. The Dark Feed poster has hit the internet in time for the Cannes Film Market. Dark Feed is set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital as a film crew stays in it in order to shoot a low budget horror movie. Late nights and lack of sleep slowly take their toll on the crew. As time goes on, the building seems to be coming to life as if awakened by the unknowing guests. The ghosts of the building start to haunt the crew and I do not believe they will make it out alive.

Dark Feed was shot in New England and features some of the very same buildings that were filming in Shutter Island. Session 9 art director serves as the production designer for the film.

Dark Feed Poster

Written and directed by Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen. Starring Evalena Marie, Michael Reed and Michael Scott Allen.

Dark Feed Poster

Dark Feed (2013)

Synopsis: A film crew moves into an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a shadowy past to shoot a low budget horror movie.
Cast: Evalena Marie, Bree Elrod, Alexei Acosta, Michael Scott Allen, Curt Klump, Dayna Cousins, Evan Sanderson, Jason Beaubien, Danny Bryck, Rebecca Whitehurst, Peter Ross, Jonathan Thomson, Mark DeAngelis, Hardy Winburn, Michael Reed, Andrew Rudick, Victoria Nugent, Jessica Lauren Napier, Daniel Berger-Jones, Jonathan Popp, Elise Couture
Directors: Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen
Genres: Horror
Year: 2013
Runtime: 86
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen
Producers: Michael Bowes, Mitch Breen, Glenn Cooper, Roger Danchik, Chris Hoverman, Jonathan Huberman, William Jenkins, Jason Levin, Polly Pearson, Bill Raftery, Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen, Linda Wheadon
Editors: Michael Rasmussen, Reuter


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