Dead Space 3 - Must See Gameplay Footage

Dead Space 3 - Must See Gameplay Footage

Dead Space 3 is a must for all horror game fans. Dead Space 3 offers co-operative mode in which players can jump in and out of gameplay. The franchise offers award-winning suspense, horror, action and sound effects that will make you cringe in your seat. The unnerving feeling never leaves you and you are are scared of every step. Isaac Clark crash lands on a new planet named Tau Volantis and discovers that this new planet may be the answer to ending the Necromorph infestation.

Dead Space 3 features Isaac fighting off all-new Necromorphs in subzero climates. The bosses are huge, meaner and nastier looking than ever. Team up with your friends to take down these enemy monsters, trust me you will need it. Dead Space 3 also has additional story elements only introduced while playing in co-op mode. Just take a look at the gameplay and you will quickly see what all the fuss is about.

Dead Space 3 - Must See Gameplay Footage


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