The Nest 3D - Sales Art Poster and Synopsis

The Nest 3D - Sales Art Poster and Synopsis

Director Kimble Rendall (Bait 3D) is a master of nature running rampant. Check out the sales art and synopsis for yourself.

Synopsis: When an Australian scientist goes missing in the Chinese desert, a team of his friends and colleagues embark on a search and rescue mission. However, once in the wilderness, the search party is forced by a flash fire to abandon its mission, and on seeking shelter in an abandoned building, they find themselves face to face with an even more terrifying threat: the Funnel Webs. Swarms of the deadliest subterranean spiders have been driven to the surface by the heat, and now the mission has quickly become one of survival.

Nest 3d - New Horror Movie Poster

The Nest 3D - Sales Art Poster and Synopsis

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