Mark of Kane First Teaser Poster

Mark of Kane First Teaser Poster

Today we have the Mark of Kane movie poster which is so fresh that there is not even a director announced for the movie yet. This film is based on the horror novel Kane by author Michael Prescott. The movie will be a action horror thriller so I am already stoked to see more details. The poster is designed by the talent that brought you the posters for The Raid 1 & 2, Proxy, Stage Fright and Resolution; Omar Hauksson. Are you stoked for more info on this horror movie?

Synopsis: Kane is a force of nature. Walking out of the desert into the dying town of Tuskett, which only 23 people still call home, he has only one purpose: to kill every resident. Relentless, stealthy, and without mercy, Kane won’t stop until every last man, woman and child is nothing but a memory. Soon the surviving townspeople must band together to fight this seemingly unstoppable evil, or die trying. Brutal, action packed, and, most importantly, character driven, Kane is a thrilling story of survival at any cost.

Mark of Kane First Teaser Poster


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