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Beauty and the Beast (2012 - )

Beauty and the Beast (2012 - )

Beauty and the Beast (2012 - )

CW - TV Series (2012 - )

Stars: Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan and Max Brown
Running: 1 Season (2012 - )
Genres: Crime | Drama
We Liked:
I like the story line where an innocent detective falls for the wounded bad boy type which is wrong for her profession. Romance, age group, setting and beast type guy.

We Disliked:
Too much police activity, needs more romance, mystery and suspense.

Our Final Take:
3 / 5 - Excellent



Beauty and the Best images
Beauty and the Best images
Beauty and the Best images
Beauty and the Best images

Full Beauty and the Beast Episodes

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 - Summary

Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kruek from "Smallville") who is also known as Cat is a strong and confident homicide detective. Cat witnessed the murder of her mother when she was a teenager and would have been killed also, but someone or something saved her from the murderers. Cat is a smart person and told people that it was a human and not an animal who attacked her mothers killer, but no one believed her. Cat still thinks of her mother every day although years have passed. Cat has become close friends with her partner Tess Vargas (Nina Lisanrello). Cat is also friends with the medical examiner Evan Marks (Max Brown from "Tudor") who has a flirtatious relationship with her, but Cat would not give him a chance.

Cat and Tess discover fingerprints that belong to Doctor Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan from "Terra Nova") who was supposedly killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan. Cat discover that Vincent is still alive and has been in hiding for 10 years. J.T. Forbes (Austin Basis) is Vincent's childhood friend who has kept his secret of him becoming a terrifying beast when he is enraged and is unable to control his super strength and extreme senses. Vincent has been watching Catherine for years because he feels connected to her emotionally, and he finally tells her that he was the one who saved her the night of her mothers murder.

Oct. 11, 2012


S1, Ep1 - The waiting to see the first episode of Beauty and the Beast was so worth it. This new series is a must see every Thursday night for those who are romantic at heart. It is about Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) who is a very attractive police officer. Cat witnessed the murder of her mother Heather in 2003 when she was a teenager. Cat was also closed to being murder but as faith has it, a mysterious humanoid saved her from the 2 killers. Cat grew up 9 years later and became a successful police detective and as chance has it, she is investigating a case that will eventually lead her to the person who saved her from the murderers when she was a teenager. Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) was a doctor when the World Trade Towers were attack on September 11, 2001. He enrolled in the army soon after he learned that his brother was killed during the 911 attack. Something happened to Vincent when he joined the force which made him went into hiding to guard his secret which is when he gets angry, he turns into a terrifying beast that is unable to control his super strength. Vincent was the humanoid who saved Cat from the murderers 9 years ago. Cat starts talking to Vincent after he saves her again from an attack in the subway tunnel but she has to keep it a secret from her boss, Joe Bishop and everyone else.

Oct. 18, 2012

Proceed With Caution

S1, Ep2 - Cat and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) are police detective partners who were called to a crime scene where a young rising ballerina fell to her death from a building. Vincent shows up but hides himself from any visible eyes. He senses that Victoria who is the understudy of the ballerina who fell to her death is hiding information about the murder. Cat and Tess finds out from a video surveillance that the ballerina tried to file a police report for assault the day before her murder but changed her mind when her understand showed up at the police station and spoke to her. From looking at the surveillance tape, Cat can see that there was a dispute between the two girls. Cat once again went to Vincent’s home without permission which makes J.T. Forbes (Austin Basis) who is Vincent’s friend not happy at all. Vincent and J.T. are childhood friends. Cat went to Vincent because she needs his help to decipher a medical paper that was her mothers and to also encourage him to help her investigate the Muirfields agents who turned him into a beast but Vincent refuses. Cat decided to do her investigation by herself disregarding Vincent’s warning about how dangerous the Muirfields are and she soon learns a lesson when her computer was attacked by a virus that erased everything from her computer. Cat’s sister Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) was introduced in this episode. Heather was about to move out of Cats apartment because Heather couldn't handle her sisters obsession to find more information about their mothers death and also the killers.

Oct. 25, 2012

All In

S1, Ep3 - A Bosnian immigrant named Iris confesses to running over an immigration Judge who deported her brother. Cat starts to investigate the case of the dead judge after Vincent told her that they arrested the wrong person. Iris was framed for the murder and confesses to protect her sisters who are also immigrants who are hiding in Iris's basement. Joe (Brian White) places Cat on temporary leave after she doesn't follow regulations but Cat continues to pursue the case without a badge or gun. J.T pleads with Cat to find a way to communicate with Vincent without putting him in danger with exposure by coming to where they live and seeking him out.

Nov. 1, 2012

Basic Instinct

S1, Ep4 - Vincent rushes a 19 year old boy who was put in a dumpster to die to the Emergency room where he remains in a coma. Cat and Tess questions the boys father about his history of bone fractures that showed up from the x-rays. Zachary Holt who is the boys father worries that his son might have been involved in the wrong crowd because of his ADHD and his involvements in fights and gambling. Silverfox and Murfields agents track down Cat and offers her a deal that they will tell her everything about her mother if she turns in Vincent. Cat told Vincent about her encounter with Silverfox and Vincent is convinced that Cat is scared of him from all the information Cat has learned about him from the Murfields. J.T tries to convince Vincent to flee with him but Vincent decides to turn himself in to Silverfox in return for Cat's safety.

Nov. 8, 2012

Saturn Returns

S1, Ep5 - Vincent saves a store clerks life from a robber but in return he was caught on camera surveillance and was on the front page of the newspaper. Cat and Tess investigates a missing fiance named Amy who left her engagement ring on their table and disappeared after her fiance published their engagement in the newspaper. Joe discover that his station has been deceived after finding Amy's true identity from her fingerprints. Amy's fiance Michael soon disappears which leaves a lot of questions floating around. Cat cancels her birthday plans with Vincent to attend her surprise birthday party that her little sister is throwing for her. At the party, Cat has a little too much to drink and makes out with Evan in the photo booth while Vincent leaves her present at the window after seeing them kissing.

Nov. 15, 2012


S1, Ep6 - Cat wonders if Vincent stood her up for dinner is due to her kissing Evan at her birthday party. Vincent missed dinner because he was filled with rage from remembering Cat's and Evan kiss which made him blocked out and woke up on the top of a bridge. Tess suspects there is a guy in Cat's life after she starts filing files away which is something she only does if there is problem with a guy. Cat and Tess is investigating a murder that happen at the Soho art gallery. They discover that the art gallery doesn't sell art but women which are call girls. Vincent discovers that his feelings for Catherine is growing deeper after he gets jealous seeing Cat all dressed up to go out with Evan on work related matter. Cat is torn between Evan and Vincent.

Storyline Synopsis

Beauty and the Beast is the modern CW adaptation of the classic tale. Catherine fights crime with the aid of Vincent Keller, our beast. Vincent was experimented on and gained super human abilities when ever he gets enraged. Together they will uncover the plot of Vincents experiment and expose Catherines mothers killers.

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