Re-Entry of Evil
User Score: 60/100

When the blood spills, souls are taken. In fewer words than that, this book will hook you. Brimming with a complex plotline, vivid imagery, and gut-wrenching suspense, Re-entry of Evil will no doubt knock you for a loop. Deeming himself as a master of horror, Richard Lee proves he knows how to twist both your insides and your mind.

This talented author has put together a delicious array of darkness, combining time travel, altars, daggers made from blood, a book that may save or end your life and souls seeking revenge. Add to that intriguing characters, demons, solid dialogue and sinister atmosphere, and you have a fantastic novel that will get you blood pumping and your heart racing. While it is indeed a work of horror, it’s also a mix of gothic, sci-fi, and true macabre scenarios; unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

I found myself lost in the mind of Peter Clement, owner of an antique shop left to him by his father. There are secrets that lie in the shop, and once he learns of it, everything changes. Almost overnight, the character is thrust into a mad, dark world, one that involves a dagger that sucks in both people and blood like a portal. He finds a book, a kind of "devil’s wish book", one created by the devil himself with intent to prey on the greed of man, and Peter must learn how to use its content wisely and still remain alive.

We ourselves enter new realms where we learn about places like Area City, Opera Sands, and Earth 2, and meet figures such as the elusive Meph-Man, No Neck, and the tortured souls of those Peter has killed and collected. When the devil wrote the book, he had hoped there would be one who could decipher the real purpose of the book, someone to get in deep, and perhaps bring him right into their world. Is Peter the one he can count on, or is there something else in store for him?

It’s a gripping book, truly an art of page-turning situations and an incredible use of imagination. From the beginning you are cast along on a journey that sucks in your mind, body, and soul until the climatic yet satisfying ending. Richard Lee can count himself as a writer with substance, style, and a solid future in horror and the macabre. I look forward to reading any and all of his future works, hoping to be terrified, surprised, and as thoroughly intrigued, as Re-entry of Evil was for me.

About Re-Entry of Evil

Title: Re-Entry of Evil
Author: Richard Lee
Score: 5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Votes: 5.


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