Jewn River: The Hellgate Chronicles
User Score: 60/100

Jewn River: The Hellgate Chronicles is an epic flagship sci-fi horror tale about an evil alien race of beings called the Thummin, and a fictional alternative explanation of the origins of the human race. Are humans actually an intentionally designed and genetically created inferior race meant to be harvested and used by them for their own evil purposes? Does a literal Hell actually exist right here on Earth under our very noses right now? Read as our hero, Sheriff Tyler Aston Evans fights his own inner demons while he grapples with the reality of extraterrestrial life having existed on Earth for centuries and watch as he attempts to save the woman he loves in this first installment of the continuing story of The Hellgate Chronicles. Explore the first hint of the global government conspiracies that are conjoined with the evil beasts as they seek to spread death and destruction throughout the universe. Imagine an alien race of beings that have an exoskeleton and thousands of muscles that can compress themselves so tightly they can release pent up kinetic energy and move in a blur to attack victims without warning with sharp talons and claws or a stinger organ that stiffen the human prey nearly solid when it penetrates them. Or a race of beasts so vile they actually prefer to hunt female victims to harvest them for genetic materials when they detect human female pheromones. This is the first novel in the Hellgate Chronicles series, named Jewn River.

About Jewn River: The Hellgate Chronicles

Title: Jewn River: The Hellgate Chronicles
Author: W L King
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Votes: 5.


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