Necroscope: The Touch (Necroscope)
User Score: 60/100
Malevolent aliens, the Mordri Three decide to become so evil that God himself will have to stop them.  They can alter flesh with a simple touch, literally turning people inside out or seeding them with cancer.  The Three have already destroyed an entire solar system and most of their own race.  Their next targets: mankind and Earth!
 On Earth, Scott St. John is mourning his beloved wife when he is struck by a golden arrow of light—a fragment of the soul of Harry Keogh, the original Necroscope—and gains powers he does not understand.  A mysterious, beautiful woman appears, desperately trying to warn Scott about something . . . then vanishes mid-word.  Scott dreams of a very unusual Wolf, who begs him—in human speech—for rescue.
 A fledgling Necroscope, a telepathic Wolf, a beautiful woman from beyond the stars, the ghost of Harry Keogh, the best of E-Branch’s psychic fighting forces, and a dead girl who is not yet ready to seek her just reward must defeat three impossibly strong, psychically gifted monsters whose touch literally melts flesh from bone.

About Necroscope: The Touch (Necroscope)

Title: Necroscope: The Touch (Necroscope)
Author: Brian Lumley
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3/5 stars from 5 users. Votes: 5.

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