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This movies list starting with "H" includes reviews for Hanger, Hangman's Curse, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising & Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. The first movie on this page is Hanger scoring 4/10 stars in our movie review and has an average user score of 5/10 stars from 6 users. Starring in this movie is Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Nathan Dashwood, Ra-da-tat-tat, Dan Ellis. The second movie listed is Hangman's Curse scoring 4/10 stars in our movie review list and has an average user score of 6.7/10 stars from 6 users. We hope you enjoy our list of movie reviews here with more upcoming movies coming soon.

Hanger (2009)

Hanger 2009
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 3.7/10
+50% Like of 6 votes

Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Nathan Dashwood, Ra-da-tat-tat, Dan Ellis - From Ryan Nicholson, the acclaimed writer-director of the cult hit Gutterballs, comes this gruesome horror tale in which revenge is sweet and sick and twisted and definitely served cold a balls-to-the-wall…

Hangman's Curse (2003)

Hangman's Curse 2003
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.9/10
+67% Like of 6 votes

Tom Wright, Edwin Hodge, Douglas Smith, David Keith, William R. Moses - Within the shadowed corridors of Rogers High School, something terrible has been unleashed. As fear escalates, a family of investigators goes undercover only to discover you cannot destroy what you cannot…

Hannibal (2001)

Hannibal 2001
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 6.7/10
+67% Like of 12 votes

Mark Margolis, Gary Oldman, Frankie Faison, Anthony Hopkins, David Andrews - Anthony Hopkins in Hannibal as Hannibal Lecter is "perverse perfection" (Rolling Stone) in his return to the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the sophisticated killer who comes out of hiding to…

Hannibal Rising (2007)

Hannibal Rising 2007
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 6.2/10
+70% Like of 10 votes

Richard Brake, Marek Vasut, Hugh Ross, Robert Russell, Brian Caspe - Hannibal Rising is a Horror/Suspense that is a terrifying Silence of the Lambs prequel that reveals the history of the infamous Hannibal Lecter and how he came to be a cannibalistic murderer known and…

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013
Our Score: 7/10   IMDB Score: 6.1/10
+65% Like of 31 votes

Peter Stormare, Derek Mears, Famke Janssen, Robin Atkin Downes, Monique Ganderton - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a movie that is on my watch again list. Adults and kids love this movie just alike. The movie is PG-13 but contains some adult themes. The actors and actresses did…

Harbinger Down (2015)

Harbinger Down 2015
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.6/10
+40% Like of 15 votes

Lance Henriksen, Matt Winston, Edwin H. Bravo, Jason Speer, Camille Balsamo - Harbinger Down (2015) is an independent American science-fiction monster horror movie that was an interesting watch, but I will not watch it again. Director and writer Alec Gillis did not do a great job…

Hard Candy (2005)

Hard Candy 2005
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 7.2/10
+71% Like of 7 votes

Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, Sandra Oh, Odessa Rae, G.J. Echternkamp - A smart, charming teenage girl, Hayley probably shouldn't be going to a local coffee shop to meet Jeff, a 30-something fashion photographer she met on the Internet. But before she knows it, she's…

Hard Ride To Hell (2010)

Hard Ride To Hell 2010
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.2/10
+68% Like of 25 votes

Katharine Isabelle, Brandon Jay McLaren, Monique Ganderton, Laura Mennell, Miguel Ferrer - A lonely stretch of Texas desert highway leads a group of campers on a one-way ride to hell after witnessing an obscene blood sacrifice. Now, with a group of biking devil worshipers on their tail, they…

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