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This movies list starting with "T" includes reviews for The Fly, The Fly II, The Fog, The Forest & The Forgotten. The first movie on this page is The Fly scoring 5/10 stars in our movie review and has an average user score of 5.6/10 stars from 9 users. Starring in this movie is Marc Macaulay, Kurt Sinclair, Delia Sheppard, John Williams, Robert Lee. The second movie listed is The Fly II scoring 4/10 stars in our movie review list and has an average user score of 6/10 stars from 10 users. We hope you enjoy our list of movie reviews here with more upcoming movies coming soon.

  • The Fly (1992)

    The Fly 1992
    Our Score: 5/10   IMDB Score: 4.1/10

    Marc Macaulay, Kurt Sinclair, Delia Sheppard, John Williams, Robert Lee - Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist attempts to woo investigative journalist Veronica Quaife by offering her a scoop on his latest research in the field of matter transportation, which against…

  • The Fly II (2005)

    The Fly II 2005
    Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 5.1/10

    Christopher Young, Steven-Charles Jaffe, Chris Walas - After Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) was "debugged", his son, Martin Brundle (Eric Stoltz), born of the human fly, is adopted by his father's place of employment (Bartok Inc.) while the employees…

  • The Fog (1980)

    The Fog 1980
    Our Score: 5/10   IMDB Score: 6.8/10

    George 'Buck' Flower, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, Tom Atkins, Adrienne Barbeau - The FOG brings with it the souls of the dammed. Fog is nothing new to the quaint seaside village of Antonio Bay. But on the night of its 100th anniversary, a fogbank rolls in unlike any other. Eerie lights,…

  • The Forest (2016)

    The Forest 2016
    Our Score: 8/10   IMDB Score: 4.8/10

    Jozef Aoki, Stephanie Vogt, Tatsujiro Oto, Yuriri Naka, Carni Djenic - The Forest (2016) is an American supernatural horror film directed by the first-time director Jason Zada, who made an incredible effort in executing a movie with high performances. Jason did a phenomenal…

  • The Forgotten (2004)

    The Forgotten 2004
    Our Score: 8/10   IMDB Score: 5.8/10

    Julianne Moore, Alfre Woodard, Gary Sinise, Ty Copeman, Robert Wisdom - The forgotten is a movie about a mother who for some reason believes that her son is still alive after a terrible plane crash. Then one day it seems as everyone has mysteriously forgotten her son's…

  • The Forsaken (2001)

    The Forsaken 2001
    Our Score: 6/10   IMDB Score: 5.3/10

    Johnathon Schaech, Ed Anders, Bryan Kirkwood, Brendan Fehr, A.J. Buckley - The Forsaken (2001) is an American thriller horror movie that is also known as The Forsaken: Desert Vampires (2001) in Australia. The movie was filmed in Arizona and Utah. Director and writer J.S. Cardone…

  • The Fountain (2006)

    The Fountain 2006
    Our Score: 5/10   IMDB Score: 7.3/10

    Hugh Jackman, Stephen McHattie, Mark Margolis, Boyd Banks, Rachel Weisz - Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Past, present, future. Through time and space, one man embarks on a bold 1000-year odyssey to defeat humankind's most indomitable foe: Death. Hugh Jackman plays that man,…

  • The Fourth Kind (2009)

    The Fourth Kind 2009
    Our Score: 7/10   IMDB Score: 5.9/10

    Elias Koteas, Milla Jovovich, Vladimir Kolev, Julian Vergov, Corey Johnson - Being stationed in Korea, there isn't very much to do, especially if you're under 21. Hell, over here you can't even go off base unless your 21, so yeah, nothing to do but watch movies.…

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