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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Game Trailer

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Game Trailer

    Square Enix's┬áDeus Ex: Mankind Divided has a new game trailer released which teases us before its February 23, 2016, release date. Adam Jensen stars in the heavily story-driven game about the government trying to separate…

    Tags for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Game Trailer: sci-fi, game, trailer, 2016, Square Enix, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Playstation 4, PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Devil (2010) - Official Trailer [hd]

    Devil (2010) - Official Trailer [hd]

    A group of people trapped in a elevator realize that the devil is among them.

    Tags for Devil (2010) - Official Trailer [hd]: horror, trailers, horror movies, devil
  • Devil in My Ride (2013)

    Devil in My Ride (2013)

    Devil in my Ride is a horror comedy like no other that will also be premiering next month at Shriekfest in Los Angeles. Imagine a wedding where the bride suddenly becomes possessed and now has to…

    Tags for Devil in My Ride (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, devil in my ride, Eric Breen, Frank Zieger, Joey Bicicchi, Craig J. Harris, Rachel Joy Mazza, Benjamin Nicholson, Sid Haig
  • Devil May Cry

    Devil May Cry

    Set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC will depict a duplicitous world where nothing is ever as it seems and the line between good and evil is constantly blurred. Spurred into action by the promises of…

    Tags for Devil May Cry: horror, trailers, horror games, 2011, devil may cry
  • Devil May Cry 5

    Devil May Cry 5

    Devil May Cry 5 features Dante in his younger days and totally action packed as ever. Dante talks big, goes up against the biggest demons and does it in style. I love this series and…

    Tags for Devil May Cry 5: horror, trailers, horror games, 2013, devil may cry, e3
  • Devil's Deal (2013) - Trailer / DVD Art

    Devil's Deal (2013) - Trailer / DVD Art

    Lionsgate Entertainment released Justin Mosley and Allen Reed's Devil's Deal (2013), originally known as The Merchant (2013), on DVD in October 2014. Devil's Deal is a mix of western and horror, hard to mix right.…

    Tags for Devil's Deal (2013) - Trailer / DVD Art: horror, drama, thriller, movie, trailer, art, devil's deal, Justin Mosley, Allen Reed, Lionsgate Entertainment, Mathew Greer, David K. Shelton, Kari J. Kramer
  • Devil's Due (2014) - Prank Promo Video

    Devil's Due (2014) - Prank Promo Video

    Taken place in Manhattan, New York; Devil's Due "Devil Baby Attack" prank has surfaced on the internet by marketing agency "Thinkmodo". Watch as people get scared out of their minds of the animatronic demonic baby in…

    Tags for Devil's Due (2014) - Prank Promo Video: horror, pranks, promo, 2014, devils due, devil baby, funny
  • Devil's Due (2014) - Trailer 2

    Devil's Due (2014) - Trailer 2

    Found footage horror movies now include pregnancy and the birth of something not from God. In the Devil's Due trailer 2, we see a torn up husband being interrogated and the authorities not believing a…

    Tags for Devil's Due (2014) - Trailer 2: horror, movie, trailer, 2014, devils due, devil, possession, Allison Miller, Zach Gilford, Steffie Grote, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
  • Devil's Knot (2014)

    Devil's Knot (2014)

    Devil's Knot (2014) hits theaters this upcoming May 9, 2014. The horror movie is based on a true story and has a very gripping trailer.Who killed the three little children, was it the work of…

    Tags for Devil's Knot (2014): horror, movie, trailer, 2014, devil's knot, Atom Egoyan, Alessandro Nivola, Amy Ryan, Bruce Greenwood, Colin Firth, Matt Letscher, Michael Gladis, Reese Witherspoon, Rex Linn, Stephen Moyer
  • Devil's Pass (2013)

    Devil's Pass (2013)

    Devil's Pass drops in movie theaters this upcoming August 23, 2013 and we have the movie trailer just in time. This film looks pretty good so far and well worth the watch. Think Chernobyl Diaries…

    Tags for Devil's Pass (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, devil's pass, Renny Harlin, Gemma Atkinson, Matt Stokoe, Richard Reid, creatures

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