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  • Encounter (2014)

    Encounter (2014)

    Cosmo Losco's Encounter (2014) is a new sci-fi creature feature movie that does not look too bad. The trailer looks pretty good but I cannot vouch for the actual movie yet. The creature does actually…

    Tags for Encounter (2014): sci-fi, movie, trailer, 2014, encounter, creature, Cosmo Losco
  • Encounter (2014) - Trailer

    Encounter (2014) - Trailer

    "You can't pray these away" is the tagline for Encounter (2014). This trailer has a lot of the right elements and definitely raises my interests in the horror film. Encounter was co-directed by James Bowling and…

    Tags for Encounter (2014) - Trailer: horror, movie, trailer, 2014, encounter, James Bowling, Susannah O'Brien, sahara vision productions, Justin Arnold, Jonathan Brooks, Don Scribner
  • Ender's Game (2013)

    Ender's Game (2013)

    I am not really big into alien war movies but this movie shows some serious promise. The trailer looks good and the visual effects look awesome. Harrison Ford does the voice over but so far…

    Tags for Ender's Game (2013): action, adventure, sci-fi, movie, trailer, 2013, gavin hood, harrison ford, abigail breslin, hailee steinfeld, ben kingsley
  • ENKI - E3 2015 Trailer

    ENKI - E3 2015 Trailer

    Microsoft revealed a new IP horror survival game named ENKI at the E3 2015. This trailer is pretty short but does show off some of the game mechanics and puzzles. Game developer SOEDESCO showed some pretty…

    Tags for ENKI - E3 2015 Trailer: horror, game, trailer, ENKI, microsoft, e3 2015, Xbox One, SOEDESCO
  • Enormous (2014)

    Enormous (2014)

    This Enormous teaser does just that, it teases us with the live-action/short film that is based on the popular graphic novel. The very same graphic novel penned by Tim Daniel. The scope of the creatures…

    Tags for Enormous (2014): horror, movie, teaser, 2014, enormous
  • Entity (2012) - The Movie

    Entity (2012) - The Movie

    Steve Stone brings you a new horror movie Entity. This horror film stars Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Riley, Branko Tomovic, Oliver Jackson, Rupert Hill and David Worden. Not sure how this one is going to play…

    Tags for Entity (2012) - The Movie: horror, trailers, horror movies, 2013, entity
  • Entity (2012) - The Movie Trailer 2

    Entity (2012) - The Movie Trailer 2

    Entity looks something like Chernobyl Diaries in my opinion. I liked Chernobyl Diaries so I will give this horror movie a try but not too optimistic here. Check out the trailer and see what you…

    Tags for Entity (2012) - The Movie Trailer 2: horror, movie, trailer, 2013, demon, entity, uk, steve stones, dervla kirwan, charlotte riley, branko tomovic
  • Errors of the Human Body (2012)

    Errors of the Human Body (2012)

    Errors of the Human Body looks like a great well thought out horror movie. Dr. Geoff Burton tries to find a cure for bad genes in the human body but finds that his cure is…

    Tags for Errors of the Human Body (2012): horror, sci-fi, trailer, movie, 2013, eron sheean, michael eklund, karoline herfurth, tomas lemarquis
  • Escape Dead Island - 'Unraveled' Trailer (Game)

    Escape Dead Island - 'Unraveled' Trailer (Game)

    Publisher Deep Silver's Escape Dead Island 'Unraveled' trailer looks great. I actually only like this graphical style in the zombie killing game Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Definitely a style that has to grow on you but worth it.…

    Tags for Escape Dead Island - 'Unraveled' Trailer (Game): horror, game, trailer, 2014, escape dead island, zombies, deep silver, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, ps3, PC
  • Escape Dead Island - Game Announce Trailer

    Escape Dead Island - Game Announce Trailer

    Deep Silver and developer Fatshark's Escape Dead Island releases this Fall 2014 for the XBox 360, PS3, and PC for $40. This game takes place as the official prequel to the first Dead Island game. You play…

    Tags for Escape Dead Island - Game Announce Trailer: horror, game, trailer, 2014, escape dead island, XBox 360, PS3, PC, Deep Silver, Fatshark, zombies

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