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  • Escaping The Dead (2014)

    Escaping The Dead (2014)

    Martin Sonntag's Escaping the Dead (2014) is his Danish latest zombie movie. The plot is inspired by people taking a deathdrug "Krokodil" and turning into horrible shadows of themselves. Escaping the Dead kicks it up a…

    Tags for Escaping The Dead (2014): horror, movie, trailer, 2014, zombies, Escaping The Dead, foreign, Martin Sonntag, Bastian Brinch Pedersen, Rama Ozel, Daniel Hutera
  • Ether One

    Ether One

    White Paper Games has developed Ether One which places the player in a mind of a patient suffering from Dementia. It is your job the "fix" the patient by solving puzzles and piecing together the…

    Tags for Ether One: horror, game, trailer, 2014, ether one
  • Everly (2015) - Sneak Peek International Trailer

    Everly (2015) - Sneak Peek International Trailer

    Joe Lynch's Everly (2015) features a very tough Salma Hayek in what seems like a very confined Desperado movie. Watch the trailer because it is awesome! The film also features Jennifer Blanc and Togo Igawa. Hayek…

    Tags for Everly (2015) - Sneak Peek International Trailer: action, thriller, movie, trailer, 2015, Everly, joe lynch, salma hayek, Jennifer Blanc, Togo Igawa
  • Everly (2015) - Trailer

    Everly (2015) - Trailer

    Last time we talked about the Everly (2015) sneak peek trailer but today we have the full Everly (2015) trailer from director Joe Lynch. The trailer looks phenomenal and action packed, how can you not be…

    Tags for Everly (2015) - Trailer: action, thriller, movie, trailer, 2015, everly, Joe Lynch, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Blanc, Togo Igawa
  • Evidence (2013)

    Evidence (2013)

    Evidence drops in theaters this upcoming July 19, 2013. I love the premise of Olatunde Osunsanmi's Evidence and it happens to star Stephen Moyer and Radha Mitchell who are very good actors. The trailer does…

    Tags for Evidence (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, evidence, olatunde osunsanmi, nolan gerard funk, stephen moyer, torrey devitto, found footage
  • Evil Clowns Prank 5 - Apotheosis

    Evil Clowns Prank 5 - Apotheosis

    The folks over at DmPranksProductions are always working on scaring new people with their evil clown costumes. Check out these evil clown pranks that is some of the best of their work. I was laughing…

    Tags for Evil Clowns Prank 5 - Apotheosis: prank, funny, video, clowns, DmPranksProductions
  • Evil Dead (2013)

    Evil Dead (2013)

    The Evil Dead Remake is looking to be freaking awesome. It looks from this red band trailer to be the horror movie everyone has been waiting for. The trailer gets down into your very core…

    Tags for Evil Dead (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, evil dead, red band
  • Evil Dead Remake - Bruce Campbell Exclusive "Were You Involved in Casting"

    Evil Dead Remake - Bruce Campbell Exclusive "Were You Involved in Casting"

    Watch good old Bruce Campbell (Producer) as he spills it all about his involvement in casting The Evil Dead Remake. Bruce is great at sharing things like Jane Levy having 15 hour days with 12…

    Tags for Evil Dead Remake - Bruce Campbell Exclusive "Were You Involved in Casting": evil dead, remake, bruce campbell, 2013, horror, interview, exclusive
  • Evil Rising (2014)

    Evil Rising (2014)

    Jarno Lee Vinsencius's Evil Rising (2014) is a new European paranormal horror movie that stars Demis Tzivis, Anna Lott and Kase Chlopecki. If you liked Grave Encounters then this horror film is something you might want…

    Tags for Evil Rising (2014): horror, movie, trailer, 2014, evil rising, paranormal, Jarno Lee Vinsencius, Demis Tzivis, Anna Lott, Kase Chlopecki
  • Evil Things (2009)

    Evil Things (2009)

    On January 9th 2009, 5 college students left New York City for a weekend in the country. 48 hours later, all 5 students simply vanished without a trace. There were no leads and no evidence...…

    Tags for Evil Things (2009): horror, trailer, 2011, evil things

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