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  • Terminator Genisys (2015) - Trailer 2

    Terminator Genisys (2015) - Trailer 2

    Alan Taylor's Terminator Genisys (2015) looks increasingly better with every new promo revealed. Today we have the new second trailer for Terminator Genisys (2015) which has many new revelations in store for you. I am itching…

    Tags for Terminator Genisys (2015) - Trailer 2: action, adventure, sci-fi, movie, trailer, 2015, Terminator Genisys, Alan Taylor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke
  • Terminator vs Robocop - Epic Rap Battles of History

    Terminator vs Robocop - Epic Rap Battles of History

    In the latest Epic Rap Battles of History, they featured Terminator vs Robocop. This has been a long debate on who would win in a real fight but now we get to determine who is…

    Tags for Terminator vs Robocop - Epic Rap Battles of History: funny, video, 2015, terminator, robocop
  • Terminator: Genisys (2015) - Trailer

    Terminator: Genisys (2015) - Trailer

    Alan Taylor's (Thor: The Dark World) Terminator: Genisys (2015) just released it's first teaser trailer and it looks awesome. Not many clips here, but what is shown is what we expected, global mayhem and a return…

    Tags for Terminator: Genisys (2015) - Trailer: action, adventure, sci-fi, movie, teaser, 2015, Terminator: Genisys, Alan Taylor, Emilia Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi, Byung Hun Lee, Matt Smith
  • Terra Nova

    Terra Nova

    Steven Spielberg produced science fiction series Terra Nova will air this fall every Monday. We focus on a family who has been sent back in time to a Prehistoric Earth with Dinosaurs to in an…

    Tags for Terra Nova: scifi, trailer, 2011, terra nova
  • Terrible Angels (2013)

    Terrible Angels (2013)

    Anthony Pierce's Terrible Angels is a horror movie that really hits hard. This can really happen and the tale itself is so twisted. I have to admit that I did see the movie already, review…

    Tags for Terrible Angels (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, terrible angels, Anthony Pierce, Una Jo Blade, Michael Madsen, Hank Cartwright
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2013)

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2013)

    This Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2013) is a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper\'s classic horror movie from 1974 that follows the lead character, Heather. Heather takes her friends along with her to collect an inheritance. Heather…

    Tags for Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2013): horror, movie, trailer, texas chainsaw, texas chainsaw massacre, 2013
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prank

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prank

    This prank is really funny with a crazed texas chainsaw massacre theme. This prank must have been very traumatic for those involved. We have elevator scenes and more. This video is from VitalyzdTv on their YouTube channel.…

    Tags for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prank: 2014, prank, texas chainsaw massacre
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel Trailer 'The Best There Ever Was'

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel Trailer 'The Best There Ever Was'

    Derek Cole has dropped a must see promo trailer for his Prequel to the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror classic. There is so much depth, gore and anticipation behind this trailer that you will…

    Tags for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel Trailer 'The Best There Ever Was': horror, movie, trailer, the best there ever was, prequel, texas chainsaw massacre, derek cole, 2 man production
  • Thale (2012)

    Thale (2012)

    "Thale" is by far the best follow up to "Troll Hunter" you could have expected... dark, cynical nordic mythology horror told in the unique style of the Norwegian film mafia. This teaser is so good,…

    Tags for Thale (2012): horror, trailers, horror movies, 2012, thale
  • The 5th Wave (2016) - Trailer

    The 5th Wave (2016) - Trailer

    Director J Blakeson's The 5th Wave (2016) looks awesome, taking the alien invasion to a new level not seen in many years.┬áThe 5th Wave releases in movie theaters on January 15, 2016. From the trailer,┬áThe…

    Tags for The 5th Wave (2016) - Trailer: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller, movie, trailer, 2016, The 5th Wave, J Blakeson, Chlo? Grace Moretz, Liev Schreiber, Maika Monroe, maggie siff

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