Christian Behm

Actor Christian Behm Movies / Films:

Nightstalker (2009) aka Night Stalker (2009) Dungeon Girl (2008) Son of Sam (2008) Killer Nurse (2008) aka Angel of Death (2008) Diary of a Cannibal (2007) Borderline Cult (2007) aka City of the Dead (2007) Black Dahlia (2006) Zombie Nation (2005) B.T.K. Killer (2005)

Reviewed Movies Starring Christian Behm

  • Diary of a Cannibal (2007)

    Diary of a Cannibal 2007

    Horror meister Ulli Lommel's depraved tale of a modern-day cannibal is inspired by a real-life case of a woman who murdered and consumed her lover - liver and all! - in a strange act of consensual…

  • BTK Killer (2005)

    BTK Killer 2005

    He was a father, a husband, a preacher… and a serial killer – step inside the mind of one of the nation’s most twisted murderers in this gripping retelling of the BTK killer’s…

  • Zombie Nation (2004)

    Zombie Nation 2004

    LAPD officer Joe has a passion for arresting women, handcuffing them and killing them. He's a serial police killer getting away with murder, since his buddies at precinct 707 always cover for him.…