Clifton Powell

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Blood Ransom (2014) Coffin Baby (2013) Chain Letter (2009) Bones (2001) Phantoms (1998) aka Dean Koontz's Phantoms (1998)

Reviewed Movies Starring Clifton Powell

  • Blood Ransom (2014)

    Blood Ransom 2014

    Blood Ransom (2014) is an American vampire thriller romance movie that was filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA. Director and writer Francis dela Torre (Subject: I Love You (2011), 69 1/2 (2009), Will…

  • Coffin Baby (2013)

    Coffin Baby 2013

    Coffin Baby (2013) is an American horror movie that is also known as Coffin Baby - The Toolbox Killer Is Back (2013). Coffin Baby was filmed in North Carolina, USA, and Van Nuys/Hollywood, Los Angeles,…

  • Bones (2001)

    Bones 2001

    Bones (2001) is an American crime horror movie that disappointed me. The title and cover photo of the movie is captivating enough to make me want to see it with expectations of it being a great movie.…

  • Firestarter (1998)

    Firestarter 1998

    Drew Barrymore stars as an eight-year-old girl with the amazing ability to start fires with just a glance. Can her power and the love of her father save her from the clandestine government agency, "The…

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Coffin Baby (2013)