Michael Dorn

Actor Michael Dorn Movies / Films:

Night Skies (2007) Star Trek: First Contact (1996) aka Star Trek 8, Star Trek VIII, Star Trek VIII: First Contact, Star Trek: Borg, Star Trek: Destinies, Star Trek: Future Generations, Star Trek: Generations II, Star Trek: Renaissance, Star Trek: Resurrection (1996) Demon Seed (1977)

Reviewed Movies Starring Michael Dorn

  • Night Skies (2007)

    Night Skies 2007

    On March 13, 1997, several thousand people—including community leaders and law-enforcement officials—witnessed an unidentified flying object in Phoenix, Arizona. On one desolate road, six…

  • Demon Seed (1977)

    Demon Seed 1977

    Demon Seed is one of those movies that pose the question "If man was to make an artificial brain by using robotic technology, what will happen?" Well from what I have seen it will not be pretty.…