Elizabeth Peña

Actor Elizabeth Peña Movies / Films:

Plush (2013) D-War (2007) aka Dragon Wars: D-War (2007) Impostor (2001) Strangeland (1998) aka Dee Snider's StrangeLand, Rune (1998) Jacob's Ladder (1990)

Reviewed Movies Starring Elizabeth Peña

  • Dragon Wars - D-War (2007)

    Dragon Wars - D-War 2007

    Meet Buraki, the vicious, 200-meter long Imoogi serpent from ancient Korea. His army includes giant lizards with missile launchers, flying dragons, soldiers bred for evil and mega-intelligent dinosaurs.…

  • Impostor (2001)

    Impostor 2001

    An exciting, action-packed sci-fi story from the author of TOTAL RECALL and BLADE RUNNER, the thrilling Director's Cut of IMPOSTOR brings you Gary Sinise (FORREST GUMP, APOLLO 13), Madeleine Stowe…

  • StrangeLand (1998)

    StrangeLand 1998

    Strangeland (1998) is an American thriller horror movie that was filmed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA and Denver, Colorado, USA. Director John Pieplow (Jurassic Women (1996)) failed at executing…

  • Jacob's Ladder (1990)

    Jacob's Ladder 1990

    Jacob's Ladder (1990) is an American psychological mystery horror movie that is very confusing and interesting at the same time. Director Adrian Lyne (Unfaithful (2002), Fatal Attraction (1987),…