Yôsuke Akimoto

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Actor Yôsuke Akimoto Movies / Films:

Akira (1988) aka Akira: The Special Edition (1988) Appurushîdo (1988) aka Appleseed (1988)

Reviewed Movies Starring Yôsuke Akimoto

Appleseed (1988)

Appleseed 1988

Based on the captivating manga comic book series created by the acclaimed Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell), Appleseed is a high-octane, action packed race against time as the future of civilization…

Akira (1988)

Akira 1988

In 1988, the landmark Anime film AKIRA, by director Katsuhiro Otomo, defined the cutting edge of Anime around the world. By today's standards, Akira remains the pinnacle of cel animation and retains…

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