Paul Scheer

Actor Paul Scheer Movies / Films:

Hell and Back (2015) aka Hell & Back (2015) Rapture-Palooza (2013) Hell Baby (2013) Piranha 3DD (2012) aka Piranha 2, Piranha DD, Piranha Three-Double-D (2012) Piranha 3D (2010) aka Piranha 3-D (2010)

Reviewed Movies Starring Paul Scheer

  • Rapture-Palooza (2013)

    Rapture-Palooza 2013

    Rapture-Palooza (2013) may very well be the worst movie of 2013. I recently saw this horror film on Netflix and thought what the heck, lets check it out. There are many great comedians making guest appearances…

  • Hell Baby (2013)

    Hell Baby 2013

    Hell Baby was certainly interesting and had its funny moments. I can say that I do like this movie and it is a movie to watch when you have limited choices or need a good laugh. Director Robert Ben Garant…