Lee Garlington

Actor Lee Garlington Movies / Films:

Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008) aka Pulse 2 (2008) Mortuary (2005) aka Six Feet Under (2005) One Hour Photo (2002) Dante's Peak (1997) The Seventh Sign (1988) aka The Boarder (1988) Psycho III (1986) aka Psicosis 3, Psicosis III (1986) Psycho II (1983) aka Psicosis 2, Psycose 2 (1983)

Reviewed Movies Starring Lee Garlington

  • Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008)

    Pulse 2: Afterlife 2008

    Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Gallactica) stars in this terrifying sequel that picks up where the original Pulse left off. The dead have found a way back to our world - through cell phones and WiFi - and the…

  • The One (2002)

    The One 2002

    In a stunning dual role international action star Jet Li portrays Gabriel Yulaw a police officer confronted with a sinister duplicate of himself. This evil double is an escapee from an advanced parallel…

  • Dante's Peak (1997)

    Dante's Peak 1997

    Without warning, day becomes night, air turns to fire, and solid ground melts beneath white-hot lava. From director Roger Donaldson comes an adrenaline-pumping adventure starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda…

  • The Seventh Sign (1988)

    The Seventh Sign 1988

    The Seventh Sign (1988) is an American drama fantasy horror movie that was successful. Carl Schultz (To Walk with Lions (1999), Careful, He Might Hear You (1983), The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992))…

  • Psycho 3 (III) (1986)

    Psycho 3 (III) 1986

    Anthony Perkins is running the Bates Motel again and it becomes quite apparent that his thirst to kill is about to come back. A drifter (Jeff Fahey) and a suicidal former nun (Diana Scarwid) are the newest…

  • Psycho 2 (II) (1983)

    Psycho 2 (II) 1983

    The popularity of the "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" series' by 1983 would lead to a sequel of "Psycho", a film that really needed no further installments. With that…