Joe Egender

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The Diabolical (2015) Holy Ghost People (2013) The Frankenstein Theory (2013) Dead Rising 3 (2013) Hunger (2009)

Reviewed Movies Starring Joe Egender

The Diabolical (2015)

The Diabolical 2015

The Diabolical (2015) is an American science fiction horror that I was skeptical about was intrigued by the cover art/image. I absolutely love the cover image. It is unique and makes you think about the…

The Frankenstein Theory (2013)

The Frankenstein Theory 2013

Andrew Weiner directed The Frankenstein Theory and also three episodes (Up to Here, The Audition, Confession) of TV series BlackBoxTV. The Frankenstein Theory is a found footage movie which means it is…

The Hunger: The Complete First Season (2009)

The Hunger: The Complete First Season 2009

Indulge your obsessions... 22 tales of the forbidden and bizarre as seen on Showtime Terence Stamp hosts the first season of this spine-tingling horror anthology series from Executive Producers Tony and…