Hill Harper

Actor Hill Harper Movies / Films:

The Breed (2006) "CSI: NY" (2004) aka CSI: New York (2004) The Skulls (2000) Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1993) aka Pumpkinhead II (1993)

Reviewed Movies Starring Hill Harper

  • The Breed - Wes Craven (2006)

    The Breed - Wes Craven 2006

    A group of friends (Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning, Hill Harper and Oliver Hudson) fly away to a deserted island for the weekend, an island once controlled by a special canine research unit. They soon…

  • The Skulls (2000)

    The Skulls 2000

    When a college senior joins a secret fraternity in order to better his chances of getting into Harvard Law School, he doesn't realize that he has entered into a potentially life-threatening situation.…

  • Pumpkinhead 2 - Blood Wings (1993)

    Pumpkinhead 2 - Blood Wings 1993

    Pumpkinhead 2 - Blood Wings (1993) is an American horror thriller movie that is a direct-to-video sequel to Pumpkinhead (1988) and is barely related to others in the series. Director Jeff Burr (Leatherface:…