Barry Brown

Actor Barry Brown Movies / Films:

The Producers (2005) aka The Producers: The Movie Musical (2005) Offerings (1989) Piranha (1978)

Reviewed Movies Starring Barry Brown

  • Love at First Bite (2005)

    Love at First Bite 2005

    Dracula has never been so funny and dashing - to say nothing of being an awesome disco dancer - as in this "delightful movie with a bang-up cast" (The New York Times) led by the epitome of suave,…

  • Offerings (1989)

    Offerings 1989

    i first saw this movie back in high school when it first came out and thought it was a crappy, low budget horror flick which it is and didn't think I would ever see again , but for some reason I…

  • Piranha (1978)

    Piranha 1978

    David (Roger Richman) and Barbara (Janie Squire) are two young backpackers who happen upon a military post that seems to be abandoned. They discover a large man-made reservoir and decide to go skinny…