Aaron Hughes

Actor Aaron Hughes Movies / Films:

Joy Ride 3 (2014) aka Joy Ride 3: Road Kill, Joy Ride 3: Roadkill, Joy Ride III, Joy Ride III: Road Kill (2014) Silent Night (2012) The Lazarus Project (2008) aka The Heaven Project (2008) Hybrid (2007) aka Eyes of the Wolf (2007)

Reviewed Movies Starring Aaron Hughes

  • The Lazarus Project (2008)

    The Lazarus Project 2008

    With parole almost behind him, Ben (Paul Walker) can't believe how much he has to be thankful for: a beautiful wife, an adorable little girl and a steady paycheck. Life is good. But when he unexpectedly…

  • Hybrid (2007)

    Hybrid 2007

    The eight installment in the "Maneater Series," Hybrid introduces a whole new maneating beast that howls under the moonlight and is eager to bite. When a young man is blinded in an explosion,…