Susan Featherly

Actor Susan Featherly Movies / Films:

Grave Tales (2004) aka Killer Story (2004) Ted Bundy (2002) aka Bundy, The Ted Bundy Story (2002) Dungeon of Desire (1999)

Reviewed Movies Starring Susan Featherly

  • Killer Story (2004)

    Killer Story 2004

    Monty and Fortunato, two old-time writers, get locked away in an abandoned saloon by a mysterious stranger and are prodded into out-dueling each other with their storytelling abilities by a sexy woman,who…

  • Ted Bundy (2002)

    Ted Bundy 2002

    Ted Bundy was a chilling combination of boy-next-door good looks and deranged perversions. At once handsome, charming, intelligent, and charismatic Bundy was driven and tormented by twisted fantasies…

  • Dungeon of Desire (1999)

    Dungeon of Desire 1999

    I have some Surrender Cinema stuff and they are really good softcore. But, this DVD is not. It's completely censored, if you buy it, you're gonna miss all the good parts. It lasts only 70+min…