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Gender: Male

Birth Place: Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Patrick Wilson (Patrick Joseph Wilson) is American actor and singer that was born on July 3, 1973 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. His mother Mary Kay Wilson was a voice teacher and professional singer while his father John Franklin Wilson was a news anchor for WTVT in Tampa, Florida. Patrick brother, Mark became a news anchor and reporter for WTVT. He is 6' (1.83 m) and is from English, Welsh, Scottish and German ancestry. Patrick lived for the most part of his childhood in St. Petersburg, Florida.

He began singing for Broadway musicals in 1996 and that lead him to receive lead singing roles. Some movies that he is known for his roles are Angels in America (2003) playing play Joe Pitt, The Alamo (2004) playing William B. Travis, The Phantom of the Opera (2004) playing Viscount Raoul de Chagny, Little Children (2006) playing Brad Adamson, Watchmen (2009) playing Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II, The A-Team (2010) playing antagonist Lynch, Insidious (2010), The Ledge (2011), and The Conjuring (2013).

Patrick married actress Dagmara Dominczyk on June 18, 2005. Dagmara is Polish-American and graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1998. Patrick also graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BFA drama degree in 1995. He received the Charles Willard Memorial Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Music Theatre while attending Carnegie-Mellon. They have two sons, Kalin Patrick Wilson, who was born on June 23, 2006 and Kassian McCarrell Wilson, who was born on August 9, 2009. He lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with his family.

2001 - He sang "On the Street Where You Live" the Kennedy Center Honors for Julie Andrews' when she received her awards.
2002 - He was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical in Oklahoma (2002)
2003 - He received a Golden Globe nomination for HBO mini-series Angels in America
2003 - He received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Angels in America
2010, October 29 - He sang God Bless America" at the Yankee Stadium during the American League Championship Series between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees.
2010, November 20 - He sang the United States National Anthem in Yankee Stadium before the Army and Notre Dame football game started.
2012, May - Patrick attended Carnegie Mellon University to give the Keynote address for his Alma Mater. In his speech, he spoke about his memories from his childhood and career.
2012, May 26 - Patrick and his brothers Mark and Paul raised $30,000 for the Southeastern Guide Dogs' "Paws For Patriots" program in St. Petersburg, Florida by performing a benefit concert. The program provides guide dogs to veterans who are visually impaired, service dogs to veterans with post-traumatic stress, and facility therapy dogs.

A few of his quotes:
“I would never abandon Broadway. I do want to expand my horizons and do more film work, but I'm interested in good roles, wherever they may be. I will always come back, even if I went to LA for a job. I refuse to acknowledge the gap between theater and film. I want to do both, on both coasts. So I will, unless I never get a job again, in which case I'll go back to my first career choice: chimney sweep.”

“The two times I performed at the White House, for the Kennedy Center Honors, I was made fun of. The first time, in 2001, I wore a nice Gucci suit and tie, which cost more than my rent. And when I met President Bush, he said, 'Thanks for dressing up.' Everybody else was in a traditional tux. It was really funny. I totally got mocked by the President. Then the next year, I had on a black suit with a tuxedo shirt and a great light-blue straight tie. It was just a little different. But Colin Powell said, 'Hey, next time wear a bow tie.'”

Actor Patrick Wilson Movies / Films:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) aka Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel 2 (2016) The Conjuring 2 (2016) Bone Tomahawk (2015) Space Station 76 (2014) The Conjuring (2013) aka The Warren Files (2013) Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) aka Insidious 2 (2013) Prometheus (2012) aka Untitled Alien Prequel (2012) Insidious (2010) aka The Astral, The Further (2010) Watchmen (2009) aka Watchmen: The IMAX Experience (2009) Hard Candy (2005)

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