Jim O'Heir

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Actor Jim O'Heir Movies / Films:

Life After Beth (2014) Mimic 2 (2001) aka Mimic 2: Hardshell (2001) Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves

Reviewed Movies Starring Jim O'Heir

Life After Beth (2014)

Life After Beth 2014

Life After Beth (2014) is an American romance comedy horror movie that is a cliche to other zombie romance movies. Director and writer Jeff Baena did an incredible job executing his first movie. Jeff…

Mimic 2 (2001)

Mimic 2 2001

Four years ago, a cockroach-spread plague threatened to decimate the child population of New York City. Then, research biologists developed a species of "Judas" bugs engineered to "mimic"…

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