John Carradine

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Actor John Carradine Movies / Films:

Jack-O (1995) aka Jacko, Zero-O (1995) Revenge of the Boogeyman (1983) aka Boogeyman 2, Boogeyman II, The Boogeyman 2, The Boogeyman II (1983) The Howling (1981)

Reviewed Movies Starring John Carradine

Jack O (1995)

Jack O 1995

Raised from the dead by evil wizard Walter Machen (horror legend John Carradine), scythe-wielding Jack-O, a pumpkin-headed Halloween Demon, returns in modern times to haunt an average American family…

Howling (1981)

Howling 1981

The Howling is the first in a werewolf trilogy that is the best out there, I do not count the other werewolf movies in the series because they were mostly downhill after the trilogy. This one sets us…