John Carradine

Actor John Carradine Movies / Films:

Jack-O (1995) aka Jacko, Zero-O (1995) Revenge of the Boogeyman (1983) aka Boogeyman 2, Boogeyman II, The Boogeyman 2, The Boogeyman II (1983) The Howling (1981)

Reviewed Movies Starring John Carradine

  • Jack O (1995)

    Jack O 1995

    Raised from the dead by evil wizard Walter Machen (horror legend John Carradine), scythe-wielding Jack-O, a pumpkin-headed Halloween Demon, returns in modern times to haunt an average American family…

  • Howling (1981)

    Howling 1981

    The Howling (1981) is an American horror cult classic movie that was based on Gary Brandner novel of the same name. Director Joe Dante (Gremlins (1984), Small Soldiers (1998), Gremlins 2: The New Batch…