Louis Ferreira

Actor Louis Ferreira Movies / Films:

Saw V (2008) Saw IV (2007) Dawn of the Dead (2004) aka Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead (2004) Blood & Donuts (1995) Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987) aka Prom Night II (1987)

Reviewed Movies Starring Louis Ferreira

  • Dawn of the Dead (2004)

    Dawn of the Dead 2004

    I liked the remake better then the original. George Romero’s zombie film was great for it’s time but it is a new age. The Dawn of the Dead remake delivers gruesome blood…

  • Blood & Donuts (1995)

    Blood & Donuts 1995

    Blood Donuts is about a depressed vampire who awakens from slumber in a slow little town. This movie was so slow and boring that I forced myself to see only because I thought there could not actually…

  • Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II 1987

    When Hamilton High's Prom Queen of 1957, Mary Lou Maloney is killed by her jilted boyfriend, she comes back for revenge 30 years later. Bill Nordham is now the principle of Hamilton High and his…