Joe Sabatino

Actor Joe Sabatino Movies / Films:

Bermuda Tentacles (2014) Hellbent (2004) aka Untitled Thriller (2004) The Ring (2002) aka Ring, Seven Days, Static (2002)

Reviewed Movies Starring Joe Sabatino

  • Hellbent (2004)

    Hellbent 2004

    Two gay men on a date are murdered the night before Halloween in West Hollywood California. Eddie and his friends Joey Chaz and Tobey are going out the following night to the West Hollywood Halloween…

  • The Ring (2002)

    The Ring 2002

    The Ring was a freaky movie. This movie actually scared me. I was afraid to turn my T.V. off (watch the movie). Anyways the movie cool people die, little girl coming out of a T.V. and a horse goes under…