Kôji Totani

Actor Kôji Totani Movies / Films:

Appurushîdo (1988) aka Appleseed (1988) Yôjû toshi (1987) aka Wicked City (1987)

Reviewed Movies Starring Kôji Totani

  • Appleseed (1988)

    Appleseed 1988

    Based on the captivating manga comic book series created by the acclaimed Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell), Appleseed is a high-octane, action packed race against time as the future of civilization…

  • Wicked City (1987)

    Wicked City 1987

    There is Earth, our familiar world, and then there is the Black World, a parallel dimension that very few are aware of. For centuries, a pact between the two worlds has been observed to maintain peace,…