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Manson Family Vacation (2015) Haunted (2014) aka Dark House (2014) Saw 3D (2010) aka Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, Saw VII, Saw VII 3D, Saw: The Final Chapter (2010) Saw VI (2009) Saw V (2008) Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007) aka Decoys 2: Rebirth, Decoys: The Second Seduction (2007) Saw IV (2007) Saw III (2006) Saw II (2005) aka Saw 2 (2005) Saw (2004)

Reviewed Movies Starring Tobin Bell

  • Manson Family Vacation (2015)

    Manson Family Vacation 2015

    Manson Family Vacation (2015) is an American comedy drama thriller movie that in my opinion is not a thriller or comedy film. J. Davis (Kevin (2011), Soundtracker (2010), D4G (2001)) is the second-time…

  • Dark House (2014)

    Dark House 2014

    I was truly impressed by this movie. I received it for a review just like any other movie and did not think much of it until I started to watch it. Dark House (2014) reels you in after the first 20 minutes…

  • Decoys - The Second Seduction (2007)

    Decoys - The Second Seduction 2007

    Sam, a college student in a small Northwestern town reluctantly joins his roommates in a contest to see who can hook up with the most gorgeous co-eds by the end of the semester. But when men slowly start…

  • SAW (2004)

    SAW 2004

    This was a great movie complete with creepy dummy that rolls out and warns you of your impending death.Despite bad acting by cary elwes which suprised me it was really goodworth seeing and contrary to…

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Dark House (2014)