Adam Gierasch

Actor Adam Gierasch Movies / Films:

Big Ass Spider! (2013) aka Mega Spider (2013) Mortuary (2005) aka Six Feet Under (2005) Toolbox Murders (2004) Rats (2003)

Reviewed Movies Starring Adam Gierasch

  • Toolbox Murders (2004)

    Toolbox Murders 2004

    Every year thousands of people move to Hollywood to pursue their dreams. Some succeed. Some go home. Others just… disappear. There are bad apartments – rats, bad plumbing, crazy landlords…

  • Killer Rats (2003)

    Killer Rats 2003

    At Brookdale Institute, where the wealthy fo for rehab, something lurks behind the walls. Years ago, they conducted experiments on lab rats. The scientists have moved on?but the rats remain and have mutated…