Edward Mannix

Actor Edward Mannix Movies / Films:

Jûbê ninpûchô (1993) aka Jubei Ninpocho: The Wind Ninja Chronicles, Ninja Scroll (1993) Yôjû toshi (1987) aka Wicked City (1987) Mil gritos tiene la noche (1982) aka Pieces (1982) Cannibal ferox (1981) aka Cannibal Ferox, Make Them Die Slowly (1981) Rosso sangue (1981) aka Absurd, Horrible, Monster Hunter (1981) Virus (1980) aka Hell of the Living Dead, Night of the Zombies, Zombi 4 (1980) Zombi 2 (1979) aka Zombie, Zombie 2: The Dead are Among Us, Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

Reviewed Movies Starring Edward Mannix

  • Wicked City (1987)

    Wicked City 1987

    There is Earth, our familiar world, and then there is the Black World, a parallel dimension that very few are aware of. For centuries, a pact between the two worlds has been observed to maintain peace,…

  • Cannibal Ferox (1981)

    Cannibal Ferox 1981

    Sucked. Terrible acting, terrible dubbing, even worse music. I've heard alot about this movie being the most violent movie ever made, and a friend of mine let me borrow it recently. Sure it's…

  • Horrible (1981)

    Horrible 1981

    A man is running, followed by a priest. He comes across a house but the tall gates are locked so he begins to climb them, however he slips at the top and impales himself on the spikes. Injured to death…

  • Night of the Zombies (1980)

    Night of the Zombies 1980

    That's right. This one SWAT team member stupidly sets his rifles down, dons a tutu and a top hat and cane, and starts dancing! And you can guess what happens next. Yep...He gets eaten alive by the…

  • Zombie (Zombi 2) (1979)

    Zombie (Zombi 2) 1979

    Lucio Fulci created some of the best zombie films proving that Italians love zombies and gore. Lucio is a tricky one that in order to create more attention to his film, actually first named this…