Kathy Bates

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"American Horror Story" (2011) aka AhS, American Horror Story: Asylum, American Horror Story: Coven, American Horror Story: Freak Show, American Horror Story: Hotel, American Horror Story: Murder House (2011) "Alice" (2009) My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1987)

Reviewed Movies Starring Kathy Bates

Alice (2009)

Alice 2009

This "Alice" is certainly NOT for the children of the household! This is not a tarted-up Disney movie. There is violence, drug references, war, intrigue, abductions and a lot more you really…

My Best Friend is a Vampire (1987)

My Best Friend is a Vampire 1987

My Best Friend is a Vampire is a vampire movie I grew up with and enjoyed all of the little tongue in cheek funny scenes. Not exactly a very good vampire film but good enough to be on anyone's must watch…