Daniel Mascarello

Actor Daniel Mascarello Movies / Films:

Muck (2015) Ninjas vs. Monsters (2012) Ninjas vs. Vampires (2010) Ninjas vs. Zombies (2008) aka NvZ (2008)

Reviewed Movies Starring Daniel Mascarello

Muck (2015)

Muck 2015

Muck (2015) is an American horror movie that was filmed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. First-time director and writer Steve Wolsh did an unmentionable terrible job executing his movie. I am thinking,…

Ninjas Vs Vampires (2010)

Ninjas Vs Vampires 2010

Ninjas vs Vampires is from the creators of "Ninjas Vs Zombies" and being the Action-Horror-Comedy that it is, we are faced with a battle for the world between vampires and ninjas. After the…

Ninjas Vs Zombies (2008)

Ninjas Vs Zombies 2008

Seven friends, struggling with late 20s, early years of age 30, are in terrible danger when a long-dead loved one is magically resurrected and starts devouring souls. To make matters worse, three of them…