Dean Stockwell

Actor Dean Stockwell Movies / Films:

The Shadow Men (1997) "The Langoliers" (1995) aka Stephen King's The Langoliers (1995) Dune (1984)

Reviewed Movies Starring Dean Stockwell

  • Langoliers (1995)

    Langoliers 1995

    Langoliers (1995) is a TV mini-series that totals four hours with commercials included. It is made up of two episodes that are two hours long each and is based on Stephen King's novel titled Four…

  • Dune (1984)

    Dune 1984

    Dune (1984) is an American science fiction, action, adventure movie that was based on Frank Herbert's novel, Dune (1956). Director and writer David Lynch (Mulholland Drive (2001), Twin Peaks: Fire…