Catriona MacColl

Actor Catriona MacColl Movies / Films:

Horsehead (2014) Chimères (2013) Saint Ange (2004) aka House of Voices (2004) Afraid of the Dark (1991) ...E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldilà (1981) aka 7 Doors of Death, Seven Doors of Death (1981)

Reviewed Movies Starring Catriona MacColl

Chimeres (2013)

Chimeres 2013

Chimeres (2013) is a drama horror movie that is in French from Switzerland. Director and co-writer Olivier Beguin (Employé du mois (2012), Dead Bones (2008), Time with Nyenne (2000)) did a good…

Afraid of the Dark (1991)

Afraid of the Dark 1991

Academy Award-winner Mark Peploe delivers a terrifying and haunting psychological tale inw hich all of the frightening circumstances of childhood, both real and imagined, are heightened to extremes. A…

The Beyond (1981)

The Beyond 1981

The Beyond (1981) is an Italian horror movie that is also known as Seven Doors of Death. The Beyond is a cult favorite over the years, and it just might be because of its originality and gore factor.…