Kentarô Shimazu

Actor Kentarô Shimazu Movies / Films:

Sentô shôjo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu (2010) Alien vs. Ninja (2010) Kataude mashin gâru (2008) aka The Machine Girl (2008) Desu toransu (2005) aka Death Trance (2005)

Reviewed Movies Starring Kentarô Shimazu

Mutants (2010)

Mutants 2010

Like David Cronenberg s The Fly, co-writer and director David Morley s fright flick Mutants turns the horror genre on its head and makes it personal. It s one thing to kill a zombie. But what if the zombie…

Alien vs Ninja (2010)

Alien vs Ninja 2010

Even though the title of the film may suggest a retread of Alien vs. Predator (AVP for the Anderson faithful), Alien vs. Ninja is a slightly different beast. In fact, it is more like a retread of Predator…

The Machine Girl (2008)

The Machine Girl 2008

Ami (Minase Yashiro, in her film debut) is a tough but otherwise average high school girl, trying to lead a normal life. Her world comes crashing down when her brother and his friend are killed…

Death Trance (2005)

Death Trance 2005

Grave has stolen a mysterious object from the holy Tougan Temple -a coffin said to be sealing a great power away. Trapped inside it is the Goddess of Destruction, confined and held at bay from laying…