Denny Dillon

Actor Denny Dillon Movies / Films:

Ice Age (2002) House IV (1992) aka House 4, House IV: Home Deadly Home (1992)

Reviewed Movies Starring Denny Dillon

  • Stephen King's: Sometimes They Come Back (2002)

    Stephen King's: Sometimes They Come Back 2002

    Desperate for work, troubled high school teacher Jim Norman (Tim Matheson) relocates his family to his rural hometown after procuring a much-needed job there. Once home he must relive and confront a childhood…

  • House 4 (IV) (1992)

    House 4 (IV) 1992

    Yes, there is no real part three in the series. There is a movie called "The Horror Show" that was called House 3 overseas so this one is called four, but "Horror Show" is not a true…