Matthew Posey

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Actor Matthew Posey Movies / Films:

Mr. Brooks (2007) Pendulum (2001)

Reviewed Movies Starring Matthew Posey

Mr. Brooks (2007)

Mr. Brooks 2007

Consider MR. BROOKS. A successful businessman. A generous philanthropist. A loving father and devoted husband. Seemingly, he's perfect. But Mr. Brooks has a secret... he is also the notorious Thumbprint…

Deep Core (2001)

Deep Core 2001

I liked this film! Honest! It was great fun, and quite exciting too. Okay, so I liked most of the actors, such as Wil Wheaton as Rodney and Terry Farrell as the scientist AllisonIt reminded me greatly…

Pendulum (2001)

Pendulum 2001

Pendulum (2001) is an American mystery crime thriller movie that was all over the place and a cliche of many TV series. Director James D. Deck (The Usual Suspects (1995), Beyond the Law (1993), .45 (2006),…

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