Chelan Simmons

Actor Chelan Simmons Movies / Films:

See No Evil 2 (2014) Final Destination 5 (2011) aka 5nal Destination (2011) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) aka Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010) Ice Twisters (2009) Ogre (2008) Wind Chill (2007) Caved In (2006) aka Caved In: Prehistoric Terror (2006) "Kyle XY" (2006) Monster Island (2004) Carrie (2002) "It" (1990) aka Stephen King's It (1990)

Reviewed Movies Starring Chelan Simmons

  • See No Evil 2 (2014)

    See No Evil 2 2014

    See No Evil 2 (2014) is an American slasher horror movie that is 90 minutes long and was filmed in Riverview, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. It is a sequel to the See No Evil (2006) and was released…

  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

    Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2010

    Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is hilariously funny. I have to put this one close to The Evil Dead as far as horror comedies go. I found myself laughing throughout the horror movie while still having a good…

  • Ice Twisters (2009)

    Ice Twisters 2009

    This SyFy Channel original film is neither outstanding nor awful; it's about what you'd expect for a movie made for television. Since Amazon doesn't offer a synopsis, here's the rundown:…

  • Ogre (2008)

    Ogre 2008

    As seen on the Sci-Fi channel, Ogre follows a group of traveling teenagers who stumble upon a small, ageless village. Here they find a paradise of immortality - the residents are free from disease and…

  • Wind Chill (2007)

    Wind Chill 2007

    Wind Chill (2007) is an American thriller drama horror movie that was filmed in several locations in Canada. Director Gregory Jacobs (Criminal (2004), Magic Mike XXL (2015), Ocean's Twelve (2004),…

  • Monster Island (2004)

    Monster Island 2004

    Being like a Harryhausen film I expected at least 5 monsters. There were 2 stop motion types (tho 2 of one and a few of the other), and a dumb creature from the monster lagoon (ohh not again). Ohh, plus…

  • Carrie (2002)

    Carrie 2002

    Everyone has a breaking point. Pray that Carrie White doesn't reach hers. Angela Bettis (Girl, Interrupted) stars in this bone-chilling update of Stephen King's legendary tale of horror and…

  • Stephen King's It (1990)

    Stephen King's It 1990

    Is there anything scarier than clowns? Of course not. And who knows scary better than Stephen King? You see where we're going. It puts a malevolent clown (given demented life by a powdered, red-nosed…