William Gregory Lee

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Actor William Gregory Lee Movies / Films:

Hydra (2009) Sam's Lake (2006) "Xena: Warrior Princess" The Abyss (2000)

Reviewed Movies Starring William Gregory Lee

Hydra (2009)

Hydra 2009

Former marine Tim Nolan has been kidnapped -- along with three ex-convicts -- and forced to participate in a deadly game. Wealthy men have paid a fortune for the opportunity to hunt down men like him…

Xena Warrior Princess - Season Six (2000)

Xena Warrior Princess - Season Six 2000

This classic series-ending collection highlights the show’s mastery at mixing mythic gods and ghastly beasts. These wildly imaginative storylines are brought to vivid life through the dynamic performances…

The Abyss (2000)

The Abyss 2000

Meticulously crafted but also ponderous and predictable, James Cameron's 1989 deep-sea close-encounter epic reaffirms one of the oldest first principles of cinema: everything moves a lot more slowly…

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