Michael Smiley

Actor Michael Smiley Movies / Films:

The Hallow (2015) The World's End (2013) A Field in England (2013) The ABCs of Death (2012) Kill List (2011) Outpost (2007) In the Spider's Web (2007) Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Reviewed Movies Starring Michael Smiley

  • The Hallow (2015)

    The Hallow 2015

    The Hallow (2015) is an American horror movie, originally titled The Woods (2015). First-time full-length director Corin Hardy did an excellent job executing this not so original film. Most of it…

  • The World's End (2013)

    The World's End 2013

    Director Edgar Wright (Fun Dead, Shaun of the Dead) has directed numerous movies and it shows greatly with the awesome job he did with The World's End. This is a nice Sci-fi and comedy film to watch and…

  • A Field in England (2013)

    A Field in England 2013

    A Field in England (2013) is a low budget Indie British thriller film that is set during the mid-17th century English Civil War and is filmed/shot in black and white. This movie was first released in…

  • The ABC's of Death (2012)

    The ABC's of Death 2012

    The ABC’s of Death is about 26 different stories written and directed by 26 different directors with 26 different ways to die. It is interesting to find out 26 different ways to die but the movie…

  • Outpost (2007)

    Outpost 2007

    Set in war-torn Eastern Europe, a band of battle-worn mercenaries undertake a dangerous mission into a no-man's land at the behest of a mysterious businessman. When they locate and secure a disused…

  • In the Spider's Web (2007)

    In the Spider's Web 2007

    Part of the "Maneater Film Series," In the Spider’s Web is a thriller that is sure to make your skin crawl and the hairs on the back of your neck rise. When a team of backpackers sets…

  • Shaun of the Dead (2004)

    Shaun of the Dead 2004

    Zombies are one of those horror staples that have gotten putrid, after one too many idiotic blood'n'gore-fests with a revolting script. Like poor Dracula, they run out of things to do. But zombie…