Sal Landi

Actor Sal Landi Movies / Films:

Maniac (2012) Dark Planet (1997) Dark Breed (1996)

Reviewed Movies Starring Sal Landi

  • Maniac (2012)

    Maniac 2012

    Director Franck Khalfoun (Wrong Turn at Tahoe, P2) did an exceptional job with Maniac considering this is his third movie to direct. Maniac is all time EPIC. I am not sure I will see it again because…

  • Dark Planet (1997)

    Dark Planet 1997

    Yes it is the year 2638; this is the year of the cleansing war; different factions of people such as Alphas (genetically engineered), and the Rebels (natural born) with a few other factions are tossed…

  • Dark Breed (1996)

    Dark Breed 1996

    The movie was pretty good, not too many movies have I watched that I didn't like, but what I LOVED MOST about this particular movie was the song that played all the way though it - "You're…